Friday, August 27, 2010

This is why we can't have nice things...

WTF, Hautian street people and crack heads?!
I (and everyone else in town) has to deal with this on a weekly basis, and it is so frustrating.

If you are going to go through my garbage, please don't throw it in a 10 foot radius of my garbage can! Ok? Fair is fair.

The teams of dumpster diving meth-heads cause way more damage and chaos than raccoons, stray dogs or any wild animals for matter.

My question is: WHY!?


  1. I caught a guy going through our garbage one morning. Told him to scat and he told me it's trash and fair game.
    Fair game? I didn't want the garbage. I just didn't want a mess.
    Don't forget to shred your documents!!

  2. Common, apart for dumpster diving being messy,it is - in a way - another level of recycling. Hey, I am glad if someone can find some of my trash useful, or helpful. Too much trash out there.