Thursday, August 26, 2010

Interesting use of the acrostic...

WTF, Seriously!? First off, 'countries!?' Really!?
Let's try to keep politics out of it and just look at it for what it is.

You don't make a convincing argument on a van window.
You make a even less convincing argument when you have the words, 'FUCK' and 'KIDS' in the same creative acrostic on you window. I'm just saying.

My analysis: He was possibly a tad bit wasted forgot about the utility-pole he backed into in the same manner Obama allegedly forgot about his kids.

Either way, you're setting a good example for the scouts! (see bumper sticker)
I bet the Scout Leaders love it when you car pool!

...'In God We Trust' plates on the car too... of course... WTF, Terre Haute!?


  1. Not to mention, it should be "country's". The way they spell it is plural.

  2. I seen that van the other day

  3. bahahahahaha cracken me up..... def only in terre haute.....