Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brutally honest Terre Haute article

Terre Haute is model of stagnation


  1. The hyperlink is busted.. copy and paste works.

  2. Suffering from its old "Sin City" stigma? Yah, right. Welcome to Meth Vegas! There is no economic growth because its in BFE. ISU is the only think keeping it alive, and they ship out as many as they bring in. I'm one of them. B.S. then ran for the state border. Can't say Texas is much better though.

  3. Ironic?

    The article was written in 2003 and talks about negative people always undercutting those that try to make a difference.

    Hello? Kettle!

    Look at the changes that have happened in downtown Terre Haute since this article. There are very few downtown businesses boarded up. There is no more vacant Terre Haute House hotel... it's now been replaced by a Hilton. There is another downtown hotel, children's museum and people are starting to have lunch on the street patios..

    SO... what will be your contribution to making Terre Haute a better place?