Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clean Air Terre Haute? Um, what?

So, I recently discovered that Terre Haute, apparently, has an organization to push for clean air?

I would call this a clean air FAIL.

Email this organization and ask them the following questions:
A: Are you doing ANYTHING?
B: Why are you not picketing the diesel extravaganza or at least combating it in some way?
C: Why are you not pushing for emissions testing?
D: Who is funding you, and why are they not expecting a return on their investment?


  1. Although it looks dirtier, the exhaust from a diesel is actually cleaner than the exhaust from a vehicle that uses gasoline.

  2. Also, I do believe that the air quality sucks in Terre Haute.

  3. Yes this is nuts and people are worried about me SMOKING... all I can say is hold your freakin breath and don't ncome to the places where smokers are WELCOME...

  4. First sentence on the page the link takes you to: Air quality in Terre Haute has improved in the last 10 years, largely due to plant closings and the efforts of the U.S. EPA.

    So. . . Yay!! Clean air!! I didn't want a job, anyways.

  5. There are clean(er), more responsible ways to have industry ContradictingMe.

    Terre Haute was just the Mid-West's regional dump for half a century.