Friday, August 27, 2010

God is Really Bipolar When He's Off the Meds...

...I am sending you this message of hate... to tell you I love you.

Keeping the religion and theology debate out of it, let's entertain for a second that there is an omnipotent God that's pulling the strings of this hot-mess we call planet Earth...

Do you really, honestly think that he/she would speak to someone via a billboard? ...In Terre Haute, Indiana? ...To tell people to feed the sheep/people?
...Wait did God just call you sheeple? lol

More redneck, Christian fear-mongers speaking as if they are acting out God's will... Awesome! That's just what the Mid-West needs!
I like that there is no sponsor, logo, group, or web-address; just some crazy, deluted Hautian who actually thinks that he is speaking as God. That's... sort of frightening.

3rd Street Billboard (since taken down)

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  1. There's also the amazing billboard on I-70 just past Terre Haute that said, When Americans Start Worshipping God, God WIll Bless America or something like that.