Thursday, August 26, 2010

Indiana State University's Favorite Preachers!

I feel... really... creeped out...
Just look at these two.

For those of you who don't know, these two creepers regular stand out in center of Indiana State University's campus and "preach" at the students, faculty and staff. More... Creepiness from day one?

By preach, I mean they scream at passers by, outlining the reasons why they are going to Hell, of course. Sometimes they are alone. Sometimes they work as a team. Either way, they are always equally offensive to Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists alike.

They insult men by calling them, 'homosexual-gays.' They insult women by calling them, 'whores' and 'prostitutes.'

They cannot be reasoned with. Their logic or rationale cannot be discussed.
Basically, they are above all criticism.

From what I understand, they both have been removed from campus for various reasons; one of which was allegedly groping women as they passed by.
Yet, somehow, they are always back to instigate, frighten and generally creep out the student body.
Basically, a couple of top-notch Christians just here to pass along the "Good Word."

"You're going to HELL! SINNERS!"
WTF, Terre Haute!? SUPER CREEPY!
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  1. The one on the left was my neighbor a few years ago. He told me about all kinds of disgusting things he did in a hot tub once.

  2. I remember the older one as "Preacher Dan" back during my ISU days ('03 graduate). Didn't know he had a -minion- now.

  3. Oh my bad. Preacher Larry... lol Sorry.

  4. Preacher Larry got kicked out of the mall about 6 years ago for wearing a trenchcoat and no clothes on underneath!

  5. Brother Larry's ban was lifted, and now he's a student at ISU so they can't really kick him off campus.

  6. I had the unfortunate experience of attending high school with Larry.

  7. The old guy came to Western Illinois University last year. He had a briefcase with a bumped sticker supporting Sarah Palin for 2012 Presidency...He was fun to mock :D

  8. Whoops, I meant Bumper* Bloody typos...sorry!

  9. wtf r u people saying this larry happens to be a firend of mine. and he isnt judgemental or he wouldnt hang out. and he wouldnt mind hanging out with me as long as i didnt bring a bf around when we hang out . in closing maybe all u people should wake up