Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Front Yard: The Landfill

Terre Haute: Where people use their freedom and liberty to turn their yard into a functioning landfill... Great!

If every person on earth lived like this, the world would be such a beautiful place!

The Moral of the Story:
Don't get me wrong, America is a great place and we have many freedoms that allow us a lot of leeway to live our lives the way we choose, but why would you choose to use those liberties to make your yard look, literally, like a dump?
Moreover, how have they not been cited by the city to clean this mess up?!

If you throw trash in your yard, what's to stop you from pouring motor-oil or other hazardous chemicals into your yard, and in turn, the water table?

Sure this is funny, but this type of behavior is a slippery slope...
WTF, Terre Haute!?

Special thanks to MLS!

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