Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is 'Merica! If you don't accommodate my ridiculous truck, I believe my rights are violated.

"This is 'Merica! If you don't accommodate my ridiculous truck, I believe my rights are violated."

I watched as this particular idiot became infuriated when his loud, big, disgusting diesel truck wouldn't fit through the car wash. He proceeded to yell, insult and swear at the 70 year old man who works there and then began to yell at his white-trash female counterpart in the passenger seat.

As I tried to figure out the logic here, I thought he maybe expected the old man to miraculously rebuild the car wash while his white trash bride made him dinner... ? I don't know.

Then, the most predictable thing happened. He revved his engine a couple times and blanketed the car wash parking lot with a plume of thick black smoke. As he sped past the old man, myself and a couple other patrons he made sure to show us all the middle finger.

"Fuck you car wash people. How dare you gawk at my childish outburst. Taste black smoke!" (Vroom!)

WTF, Terre Haute?


  1. I remember when you took that. Can't wait for diesel extravaganza.

  2. From the Merriam-Webster's definition:

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