Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hautian for Halloween?

Even Chicago is a getting a laugh at Terre Haute's expense...
"Hautian Guy" Halloween costume captured at a Halloween Party in Chicago, IL.

Good work "Hautian Guy," good work.
Thanks to J.A.W. for the wonderful submission.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Terre Haute man robs lemonade stand, makes national WTF news

I used to live, literally, 5 or 6 houses up the street from this nonsense.
Classy and refined.

The guy's interview is the best! He is like a giant stupid child. It is brilliant!
Seriously, WTF Terre Haute?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food stamps, Beer and Wine!

Classic Terre Haute! ...A first, I thought the chicken was humping the car.
WTF? Really?

Does anyone remember this gem?

I am not sure if this is an 'Engrish Funny' sort of post or a WTF, Terre Haute? sort of post...
Either way, it was hilarious then, and it is hilarious now. This sign was unacknowledged and uncorrected for over 5 years in a Terre Haute-area Chinese restaurant.

The funniest part is, on the wall next to the sign, they usually had ads for English lessons.

Your business model is sort of outdated...

Dog grooming and Beanie Babies? Really?
Your business model is sort of outdated...
...I would say 15 years out of date.
Besides, Beanie Baby collectors always struck me more as cat people.

WTF, Terre Haute?

The Missionary Position

Found at the Vigo County Public Library:
This had to be found in the dollar FAIL bin...

Even Universal Map Company doesn't really encourage visits to Terre Haute...

Even Universal Map Company doesn't really encourage visits to Terre Haute...
I assume they misspelled it to discourage travelers from finding the city of dirt.

Only in Terre Haute can you find a sign that actually promotes drinking and driving...

Only in Terre Haute can you find a sign that actually promotes drinking and driving...

Gear up for the Diesel Extravaganza!
...Um, let's not and say we did... How about that?
I think I am going to stay in and avoid the mindless rednecks... You have fun though.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Facebook Page...

We cannot log-in to our Facebook page and we fear the worst...
The worst part about the whole thing is that I didn't have time to fix a typo on a status before this fiasco happened... *facepalm*

Sperm Car on Cherry St.

There's really not much that can be said about this picture... Other than, "Really? Why?"
It reminds me of health class in middle school.

It is what it is.. a sperm car. Picture taken on Cherry St.

WTF, Terre Haute?
Submitted by M.E.B.

Born to ROCK!

This sweet pic was taken out side of Toy R' Us in Terre Haute...
It was reported the stereo had Toby Keith cranked to 11!

That's pretty badass, man! So badass, in fact, it grants him special permission to park in a fire-lane.

I would imagine customized mopeds of this caliber are most coveted among a large market-segment of Hautians, particularly the alley creepers, gas station loitering posses and members of the 8am liquor store circuit.

Hautian All-Terrain Vehicles...

Hautian All-Terrain Vehicles...

Well, I suppose that's one way to get from point A to point B... WTF, Terre Haute!?

Thanks to E.S. for the submission.

Diesel Smog... Oh, What a Tasty Treat!

Diesel Smog... Oh, What a Tasty Treat!

The hillbillies come from miles around to the Diesel Extravaganza, an opportunity to terrorize and pollute the streets of Terre Haute for one fun-filled weekend.

They fill a stadium and sit in a giant cloud of their own FAIL.


I wonder if these guys know that diesel exhaust leads to lung cancer?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Walmart Shoppers are Notoriously Lazy... Terre Haute Walmart Shoppers Take it to the Next Level

Once again, as with many of the things I see in Terre Haute, where do these people get their sense of entitlement!?
Do they think that these are like idiot V.I.P. spots? The equivantent of the Red Carpet for Rascal Scooters?
WTF? Seriously? Walmart should have these people's car's towed.

On a side note, if a shortage of handicapped spots is really that big of an issue, then maybe they need to take a look at: A: Parking lot design. B: Who is able to receive handicapped tags.

People who need these spots should be able to park in them, but it shouldn't be a free-for-all of laziness.

I see absurd, sociopathic and ridiculous parking in Terre Haute on a daily basis!
What's up with that!?
Photos submitted and John Madden'ed by TB - Thanks for the submission.

Terre Haute Fashion Show Part1

Weird 90's creeper ski-jacket. Butt-hugger sweatpants, no underwear. Visible wedgie. Tie-dyed Crocs. Pleather man purse.

Yep, it's confirmed. You're in Terre Haute.

Friday, August 27, 2010

God is Really Bipolar When He's Off the Meds...

...I am sending you this message of hate... to tell you I love you.

Keeping the religion and theology debate out of it, let's entertain for a second that there is an omnipotent God that's pulling the strings of this hot-mess we call planet Earth...

Do you really, honestly think that he/she would speak to someone via a billboard? ...In Terre Haute, Indiana? ...To tell people to feed the sheep/people?
...Wait did God just call you sheeple? lol

More redneck, Christian fear-mongers speaking as if they are acting out God's will... Awesome! That's just what the Mid-West needs!
I like that there is no sponsor, logo, group, or web-address; just some crazy, deluted Hautian who actually thinks that he is speaking as God. That's... sort of frightening.

3rd Street Billboard (since taken down)

Finally! They invented a mailbox for people with monster trucks! Faaaantastic!

Finally! They invented a mailbox for people with monster trucks!
My first thought was, "Poor mailman!"

(An actual mailbox in Terre Haute)

The sad thing is, if you manufactured these and sold them in the Mid-West, they would probably sell like hotcakes.

You laugh, but I bet the first person who pitched the idea for a nut-sack to hang off of the back of your pickup truck was laughed out of the meeting!

Special thanks again to MLS!

Our Front Yard: The Landfill

Terre Haute: Where people use their freedom and liberty to turn their yard into a functioning landfill... Great!

If every person on earth lived like this, the world would be such a beautiful place!

The Moral of the Story:
Don't get me wrong, America is a great place and we have many freedoms that allow us a lot of leeway to live our lives the way we choose, but why would you choose to use those liberties to make your yard look, literally, like a dump?
Moreover, how have they not been cited by the city to clean this mess up?!

If you throw trash in your yard, what's to stop you from pouring motor-oil or other hazardous chemicals into your yard, and in turn, the water table?

Sure this is funny, but this type of behavior is a slippery slope...
WTF, Terre Haute!?

Special thanks to MLS!

This is why we can't have nice things...

WTF, Hautian street people and crack heads?!
I (and everyone else in town) has to deal with this on a weekly basis, and it is so frustrating.

If you are going to go through my garbage, please don't throw it in a 10 foot radius of my garbage can! Ok? Fair is fair.

The teams of dumpster diving meth-heads cause way more damage and chaos than raccoons, stray dogs or any wild animals for matter.

My question is: WHY!?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Interesting use of the acrostic...

WTF, Seriously!? First off, 'countries!?' Really!?
Let's try to keep politics out of it and just look at it for what it is.

You don't make a convincing argument on a van window.
You make a even less convincing argument when you have the words, 'FUCK' and 'KIDS' in the same creative acrostic on you window. I'm just saying.

My analysis: He was possibly a tad bit wasted forgot about the utility-pole he backed into in the same manner Obama allegedly forgot about his kids.

Either way, you're setting a good example for the scouts! (see bumper sticker)
I bet the Scout Leaders love it when you car pool!

...'In God We Trust' plates on the car too... of course... WTF, Terre Haute!?

Hautians of the Caribbean!

Much like the open seas, Terre Haute has a problem with pirates as well.

Either this guy robbed the wardrobe of Pirates of the Caribbean or a gypsy lady's house...
Whatever the case may be, WTF!? How much crack does one have to smoke to... *sigh* Never mind!

Picture taken on 7th street near Poplar.

At least this Hautian would prefer to be over-dressed, rather than under...
I reluctantly give him a couple points for that.

St. Patty's Day Bridal 'Gradulation?' WTF?

Terre Cake FAIL - St. Patty's Day Bridal 'Gradulation?' WTF?

A cake for a bridal shower (of all things?).
Designed by the Terre Haute - Kroger.

This beauty made it to

Hautians on the Topic of Love and Meeting the Woman of Your Dreams...


In Terre Haute, the anatomy books show the heart is clearly above the head.

So, aim high gents.

The Scariest Ice Cream Truck EVER 2.0!

Wow! This looks like a really reliable vendor!

I'd keep your kids away from this one too.
I am just saying.

25th and Wabash, Terre Haute

Special thanks for an awesome poster!

It's vs. Its: The Local News Doesn't Know the Difference

Really, Tribune Star!?

I don't know if I believe anything the TribStar has to say anymore.

...Oh wait, that's right... I never did in to begin with.
WTF, Terre Haute?

Hautian Typography and Basic Communication FAIL

I am not even sure what this says or means.
However, from what I can gather, they don't like Obama... Or the English language?
Make sure your message is in English before you go and plaster, "ENGLISH ONLY," on your car.

Creative use of mailbox letters... WIN?
(Picture from Terre Haute K-Mart)

Where Your Stolen Stuff Reenters the Economy...

The perpetual, infinite yard sale on Maple Street:
Where your stolen belongings reenter the Hautian economy!

WTF, Terre Haute!?

Indiana State University's Favorite Preachers!

I feel... really... creeped out...
Just look at these two.

For those of you who don't know, these two creepers regular stand out in center of Indiana State University's campus and "preach" at the students, faculty and staff. More... Creepiness from day one?

By preach, I mean they scream at passers by, outlining the reasons why they are going to Hell, of course. Sometimes they are alone. Sometimes they work as a team. Either way, they are always equally offensive to Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists alike.

They insult men by calling them, 'homosexual-gays.' They insult women by calling them, 'whores' and 'prostitutes.'

They cannot be reasoned with. Their logic or rationale cannot be discussed.
Basically, they are above all criticism.

From what I understand, they both have been removed from campus for various reasons; one of which was allegedly groping women as they passed by.
Yet, somehow, they are always back to instigate, frighten and generally creep out the student body.
Basically, a couple of top-notch Christians just here to pass along the "Good Word."

"You're going to HELL! SINNERS!"
WTF, Terre Haute!? SUPER CREEPY!
Add Video

The Scariest Ice Cream Truck EVER!

Do you really want your kids running out and buying ice cream from this vehicle?

Before you ask, YES! Yes, the van is real and honestly says, 'Ice Cream.'

WTF, Terre Haute!?

It's a Vagina, not a Clown Car!

I am at a loss of words on this one...

Where do you even begin analyzing this photo?
I still... am speechless....
A thousand words is not enough... to illustrate the trashiness.

Why do I get the feeling the number of children you have is an inverse relationship to your IQ level in Terre Haute?

WTF!? Seriously.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Consequences of the Indigenous Terre Haute Diet

"Screw that liberal yogurt and Obama vegetables...I am going to the Rally's to get me a double-cheeseburger! I'd elect a cheeseburger President, because at least I am sure it is 'Merican."

The consequences of a Terre Haute Fast-Food diet, when your ass gets so big it collaspes under its own gravitational forces and nothing can escape...

Especially sweatpants.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The more you know...

Did you know that Terre Haute, IN is in the top 2 percentile, in the United States, for misuse of the words "their", "there", and "they're"?


30-Minute Promise? FAIL

Last time I checked, they call it an 'Emergency Room' for a reason.
Usually the conditions that would bring someone to an E.R. are usually sort of time sensitive.

They could have just avoided this whole FAIL by just leaving the digital reader off of the billlboad and just put '30-min Promise.'

WTF, Terre Haute?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Basic English language and sign-creation FAIL

Terre Haute fast-food workers, you are getting really, really dumb.
This has to be the product of dropping out of school in the 9th grade (or even before).

Even if we leave the aesthetic appearance of the sign alone (which we really shouldn't), where do we begin?
The spelling error, the lack of coherency, the lack of punctuation, or the handwriting of what appears to be a child?

After seeing this, it is really no wonder whatsoever that we are behind the rest of the developed world in education.

GO AMERICA! (and Terre Haute)

However, I guess you don't need a formal education to make meth and pop out a litter of kids every 2 years.

Found at a Terre Haute drive-thru:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is it really though?

Is it really though?
Sure, Baltimore has a crack problem, but at least it's not Night of the Living Dead with methed out Hautians roaming the streets like zombies.

And why would you hyphenate Terre Haute?!

Child Molesting Terre Haute Santa Claus?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Haute kids sat on this man's lap to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Keepin' it classy Santa.

Seriously though, why does Terre Haute have an enormous amount of sex offenders?

Clean Air Terre Haute? Um, what?

So, I recently discovered that Terre Haute, apparently, has an organization to push for clean air?

I would call this a clean air FAIL.

Email this organization and ask them the following questions:
A: Are you doing ANYTHING?
B: Why are you not picketing the diesel extravaganza or at least combating it in some way?
C: Why are you not pushing for emissions testing?
D: Who is funding you, and why are they not expecting a return on their investment?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brutally honest Terre Haute article

Terre Haute is model of stagnation

So, Terre Haute's Facebook page refers to itself as, "Terrible Haute." Um, what?

Terre Haute's Facebook page refers to itself as, "Terrible Haute."

However, it would prefer you call it, "Hautie."

I call it: Hilariously honest!

If you type 'Terre Haute' into the search bar...

If one was to start typing Terre Haute into the search bar via YouTube, the 2nd suggestion is 'FIGHTS!' The 1st suggestion: "Terre Haute"

So, apparently we have a lot of fights... Awesome.

More unintelligible Diesel Extravaganza footage.

I guess these people... like this?
Seriously, how is this level of air pollution acceptable? It looks like it was filmed during the industrial revolution..
You can see a thick haze lingering in the air, sort of what I imagine a really sick fart looking like.

Hillbilly Hautians in their natural habitat.

Found on the YouTube box. Filmed in Terre Haute.
I was speechless. I thought it, "this can't be real."
Oh, it's real. My questions is: How is this acceptable?!

Apparently, this is... fun for them?

Terre Haute Man Pleads Not Guilty In Brick Assault - WIBQ

Hitting a child with a brick. Classy!

Terre Haute Man Pleads Not Guilty In Brick Assault - WIBQ

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jesus died for our right to do sweet diesel burnouts.

Terre Haute's best and brightest doing... whatever it is they are doing here?

Apparently rednecks like to make and breathe black smoke.
Awesome, what a productive use of resources!

...So much for going green... The hillbillies hate it, so stop.

Shooting victim stabbed with pitchfork hours before. Really?!

Really!? Only in Terre Haute can an individual be stabbed by a pitchfork, only to be shot hours later.

Special Thanks to our many group contributors.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Parking for Fat People and Sociopaths ONLY!

Jaw-droppingly lazy and borderline sociopathic parking...
Terre Haute has a ton of it.

Am I right, or am I right?

This is 'Merica! If you don't accommodate my ridiculous truck, I believe my rights are violated.

"This is 'Merica! If you don't accommodate my ridiculous truck, I believe my rights are violated."

I watched as this particular idiot became infuriated when his loud, big, disgusting diesel truck wouldn't fit through the car wash. He proceeded to yell, insult and swear at the 70 year old man who works there and then began to yell at his white-trash female counterpart in the passenger seat.

As I tried to figure out the logic here, I thought he maybe expected the old man to miraculously rebuild the car wash while his white trash bride made him dinner... ? I don't know.

Then, the most predictable thing happened. He revved his engine a couple times and blanketed the car wash parking lot with a plume of thick black smoke. As he sped past the old man, myself and a couple other patrons he made sure to show us all the middle finger.

"Fuck you car wash people. How dare you gawk at my childish outburst. Taste black smoke!" (Vroom!)

WTF, Terre Haute?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You can't take the Honky Tonk out of the Woman? Really?

You can't take the Honky Tonk out of the Woman? Really?!
I'm pretty sure you can. And I'm also hoping it was never there in the first place.

This moron was walking down 7th street on campus screaming the lyrics to a country song.
The topper was, he didn't even have headphones on.

Sorry for the shaky video. I was almost floored and excited to catch such a redneck outside of his natural habitat.

First Post

I was having a discussion about how Terre Haute is a weird place, full of crackheads, rednecks and want-to-be thugs, and it sort of hit me: This place is stranger than fiction.

So, I decided to start a blog to chronicle the sometimes-trashy, always bizarre, uniquely Mid-Western city, known as Terre Haute, IN.