Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30-Minute Promise? FAIL

Last time I checked, they call it an 'Emergency Room' for a reason.
Usually the conditions that would bring someone to an E.R. are usually sort of time sensitive.

They could have just avoided this whole FAIL by just leaving the digital reader off of the billlboad and just put '30-min Promise.'

WTF, Terre Haute?


  1. The 30 min promise is that once you are called back you will have seen a MD and be recieving treatment not that you will get back there within 30 min. And the waits would not be as long if people did not use the er for rx refills and colds

  2. Not only the crazy wait times but the 2 signs they have are so that you see them when your leaving the town!! you would think they would be facing so you could see them when your coming into town!